BPW International Leaders' Summit 2019

Participants of the Leaders' Summit 2019

Let's go digital!

Friday, March 8, 2019, New York  -  18TH SDG: Sustainable Development of BPW 


To ensure communication we offer you the following tools:


As a basis for the information we operate the website here:


Find here texts, programs, results, fotos.


As a tool for rather quick and on time communications you find a new facebook page under


Please like and follow to get informations.


As a tool for discussions about Sustainable Development of BPW we established a closed group on facebook 



We want to start the discussion, develop our ideas and find teams to support the development. All this should start in a closed group with our members only (Executive Committee, Regional Coordinators, Participants Leaders’ Summit 2019, Special Invitees). Therefore we shall check the admissions. Please follow the group rules and do not discuss externa in this discussion group. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you virtually! Welcome!